User Guide
For the Call Shop Management Center user guide please click here.
General Questions
Can I use this application with other service providers other than CallTracker.com?
No, this application only works with services on the CallTracker.com platform
Does the Call Shop software work on an Apple computer?
Yes, the application works on any PC or Apple that has a broadband connection and uses either Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 7+ as an internet browser
How do I log in?
You must enter the user name and password provided to you by the vendor from whom you purchased the service
Can I create a Call Shop account on my own?
No, in order to start using the Call Shop application you must first create an account with one of our authorized distributors
Do I have to pay to use this online Call Shop Management Center?
As long as you are using a CallTracker.com provided service, there are no additional charges to use the Call Shop Management Center
Is there a version of the Call Shop Management Center which I can download locally to my computer?
No, this is only available online
What languages are available?
At present we offer English, Spanish, and French with Portuguese versions coming soon
How do I get an account to use with the Call Shop Management Center?
Please contact your local authorized CallTracker.com distributor
Technical Questions
What kind of MTA’s can I use with this application?
We currently support the following devices: CEM CRA-200 (Allo), Linksys PAP2, Sipura SPA 2000/2001/2002 and the CallTracker.com Call Shop Dialer/Softphone (available for download here {make the text “here” a clickable hyperlink to the download page). Other devices may be used with the Call Shop Management application but we do not offer technical support for anything other than the devices listed above
Is the Call Shop application secure?
Yes, this application uses SSL certificates which provide the highest level of protection for you information
Can I use this application with a VOIP service?
Yes, but it only works with VOIP services provided by CallTracker.com
How do I set up a booth to work with the Call Shop Management Center?
Go to the 'Booth Manager' tab, then go to the bottom of the page, select an account number from the drop down list and hit the “Add a Booth” button. You may add up to 12 booths total
What Internet browsers are supported?
The Call Shop Management application runs on Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 7, and Internet Explorer 8 (Internet Explore 6 and below are not supported)
Do I need to know the IP address of my device(s) to work with this application?
No, unlike many other call shop billing applications, the only thing required to allow the device to work with this online application is the CallTracker.com account and pin associated to each device.
I can’t access the web page for this application!
Check to make sure your internet connection is working properly as an active internet connection is required to function properly. If you can get to other sites on the internet but not this site, please check with your network administrator for further assistance
Can I use this application with standard telephone lines?
No, this application is only meant to be used with CallTracker.com VOIP accounts.
Will I be able to use the Call Shop Management Center even if my internet connection is down?
No, an active internet connection is required for this application to function
What type of internet connection do I need to have to run this program properly?
A high speed internet connection is required (Cable, DSL, T1, E1, or Satellite). For optimum performance, higher bandwidth connections are recommended. The faster your internet connection, the faster and smoother the program will run.
How many booths can add using this program?
How do I manually stop an active phone call from this application?
On the Booth Manager page, select the booth for which you want to end the call and click the end call button at the bottom of the page. The call will then be released and ready for the next call
Rate and Billing Questions
Can I add additional items to the Invoice other than just the phone calls?
Yes, this application allows you to manually enter a miscellaneous item(s) and assign it whatever cost you choose. These costs can also be set to a negative amount should you need to credit a customer for a portion or a complete phone call
In what currency are my Buy Rates listed?
All Buy rates are listed in US Dollars
Can I change what information appears on an invoice?
No, other than the header information (company name and address) you cannot change what fields appear
In what currencies can I charge my customers?
Your Sell Rates can be in set in any currency you wish. We even provide you with a real time currency conversion tool in order to cross check against your US Dollar Buy Rates and your Sell rates. For further information on this feature please check out the user guide
Can I view an Invoice at a later time?
Yes we store up to 48 hours worth of invoices on your account
Where do I see my Buy Rates (the rates you pay)?
Go to the “Rate Manager” tab and then select the “Buy Rates” sub tab. You will then be presented with a page displaying your complete A to Z buy rates
How do I create an invoice?
After a call has been completed you will see an option on the booth manager screen for the specific booth to create an invoice
How do I set/change my Sell Rates (rates charged to your customers)?
Go to the “Rate Manager” tab and elect the “Rate Management” sub tab. Here you will be able to do bulk updates and individual rate updates
Can I manually edit an invoice?
While you cannot change a particular call or rate charged for after the call is complete, you can use the additional item field to either add or subtract (enter in a negative amount) from the final invoice price
How long does it take for the system to update any Sell Rate changes I make?
Updates normally take effect within 60 seconds from the time the change was made
How do I get my Buy Rates changed
Your Buy Rates (the rates you pay) are controlled by the person or company from whom you bought the service accounts
What information will show on the invoice?
On the invoice you will see a custom header with whatever contact information you chose to display, it will also show the booth number, destination, country dialed, call duration, and cost of call(s)
What type of reports does this application offer?
You have two different types of reports available: Call Destination and Reconciliation. The first report, Call Destination tells you the number of billed calls (along with other important info) by destination over the time period selected (you can only go back up to 48 hours for data). The second report, Reconciliation Report tells you the revenue, margin and profit for the time period selected (you can only go back up to 48 hours for data)